Sustainability Initiatives


Sustainability has been a key focus are for Gileemale Walawwa from the very beginning of the 300year old history. Our core beliefs sit behind everything we do to focus more on the Social, Economical and Environmental positive Impact that our actions will bring towards this beautiful village in the Adams Peak Valley named “Gileemale”.

We are a plastic free property & we have taken decisions To eliminate single-use plastics in our walawwa, guests are given refillable water bottles in their rooms, plastic straws aren’t available and all packaging is plastic-free. We have created waste segregation methods within the property to segregate waste.

Restoration of the Gileemale Walawwa has been a great passion, to restore beautiful, historical and neglected old Walawwa to restore the pride and transforming it to sustainable property with out any major changes done to the structure of the Walawwa with a mix of contemporary interior.

Homegrown delicious  Sri Lankan Sabaragamuwa cuisine will be a highlight of your stay. We grow most of our own vegetables and buy fresh ingredients from the local suppliers.

Supporting our community

All our staff is from the local village and we see our staff as a big family and strive to nurture and support them in every way we can and give them the knowledge, training and mentoring to really progress in life as well as in the hospitality industry. We are proud to provide Awareness on environmental sustainability to the village school & people to provide them guidance with knowledge on hospitality as well as sustainability. Tree planting ceremonies for in house guests and river bed cleaning projects are couple of programs which we have carried out to preserve the nature and gileemale for the future.

We continue to strive for Sustainable Excellence as one family to preserve the village Gileemale Environmentally as well as Culturally.

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Global Bird Watching Day 2023

Global Bird Watching Day 2023