Gileemale Walawwa Mansion

Gileemale Walawwa is a two-storey mansion that is more than 300 years old. Displaying a Victorian-style façade, the mansion dates back to the times of King Rajasinghe I, who ruled the country from 1581 to 1592. The front section and the first floor of the mansion were completed in 1911. The rest of the mansion, which features authentic and traditional Sri Lankan architecture unique to the Sabaragamuwa region, was completed more than 300 years ago. Today, Gileemale Walawwa features 6 bedrooms—4 double bedrooms and 2 single bedrooms.

The design of the mansion was inspired by a blue dove (Neela Kobeyya) taking flight, which is a sign of peace and happiness. The mansion has incorporated significant amounts of prized jack and ebony wood into its structure as well to its aesthetic elements.

Gileemale Walawwa is filled with ties to the rich heritage and culture of Sabaragamuwa.

Room types

Gileemale Walawwa features 6 bedrooms – 4 double bedrooms (2 large double bedrooms upstairs) and 2 single bedrooms.

Gileemale Estate Map


Since we want our guests to have a comfortable memorable experience without compromising on eco-responsibility, we offer a wide range of facilities:

2 dry washrooms
1 washroom with a bathtub (shared)
1 common open-air bathing area dedicated for guests
Hot water
Pets are allowed on request
Complimentary Sri Lankan tea table with sweets for full board bookings as a group
Wi-Fi with a daily charge
Designated smoking area (no smoking inside rooms)
Free tea/coffee and herbal drinks on site
Driver room included
Free parking
CCTV outside property and common areas

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