At Gileemale Walawwa, we offer fully immersive yoga retreats that are suitable for anyone to allow you to experience the values and the beauty of the Sabaragamuwa region in Sri Lanka.

Details of the retreat

  • Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

  • Yoga instructor: Visiting Instructor

  • People involved: up to 8 guests + instructor + guide

  • Participant expertise level: Beginner, intermediate, or advanced

  • What is included:

    • Yoga

    • Meditation

    • Lessons on plant medicine

    • Cooking demonstration

    • A light hike around the village

    • Visiting waterfalls

    • Sermon by a local priest / village druid

    • Meals

    • Visit to the local shrine Gileemale Raja Maha Viharaya

    • Visit to a history museum